Geonik's Sessions

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During the late 80s, I was working hard to master the harsh environment of "trackers"; most of my youth is tightly tied with these computer synthesis programs that give as much freedom of expression as they take. 

I have put a great deal of myself into these tracks... willing to make them meaningful. They have been such to me.

By releasing them to the public domain in 2006, I immediately felt I had done the right thing. It will be a pleasure to hear from you, whether you liked them or not!

01 - Radiography

"While searching for a radio station the sound of music, that is out of this world and absolutely incredible, begins to play over the airwaves..." - Marie

Running time: 04:51 - Listen - Download 

02 - Cosmography 

Running time: 05:58 - Listen - Download

03 - Iridium II 

Running time: 04:44 - Listen - Download 

04 - Exile 

Running time: 04:18 - Listen - Download

05 - Iridium III 

Running time: 03:09 - Listen - Download

06 - Experience 

"It has a wishful tune with the sounds of shooting stars in the nights sky." - Marie

Running time: 03:41 - Listen  - Download

07 - Iridium I 

Running time: 01:51 - Listen - Download